A New Tack

My history with blog posts has been poor this cruising season. I tend to repeat the same actions in hopes of a different outcome… In my mind I envision grand plans of frequent and (hopefully) poignant and insightful posts but it doesn’t happen. I just don’t have the concentrated time to sit down and focus and tell the stories that I want to tell. Oh well, I’ll try to catch up on them off-season, when we’re not cruising.

The new tack I’d like to try is to make daily (or near daily) “micro-posts” with pictures and our location on the tracker on our HJ Sailing Home Page. You can get to them by clicking on the tiles at the bottom of the map (and scrolling to the right to catch up on any micro-posts you may have missed). The inaugural micro-post I did this morning is titled “Steaming to Míkonos.”

Given the limitations of the platforms I use, there’s no option for you to receive an email notifying you that I’ve made a new micro-post (as there is for the regular long-format posts). That’s probably OK though as I’m sure you don’t want to be inundated by emails from me.

I hope you enjoy and I hope it feels like were on the journey together. Fair winds, following seas, and let me know if you are liking the format!

Today’s micro-post circled. Scroll to the right for older micro-posts.

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