If History is Written by the Winners?…

I have this sneaking suspicion that maybe…just maybe…I went too far with the “honesty thing” in my last blog post. “Why?” you ask, “Dan, what clue led to your ‘sneaking suspicion’?” It started yesterday afternoon Mediterranean time (US morning time). Rhett, Sunny, and I are hanging out on Hazel James and Rhett gets a videoContinue reading “If History is Written by the Winners?…”

Quick Post Birthday Update

Good morning! After a wonderful 58th birthday yesterday Celebrated in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, we’re off this morning on a 100 nautical mile sail (about 24 hours) bound for Pollensa, Majorca. Both our current port and port-of-call are in the Islas Baleares, a semi-autonomous Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean. I’m working on a comprehensive post toContinue reading “Quick Post Birthday Update”

About a Weak Back

(Author’s Note: I started writing this post almost a month ago, soon after I had completed the transatlantic sail and shortly after Rhett had arrived in Portugal. However, sailing, sightseeing, and spotty internet connectivity conspired to keep me from finishing and publishing it. Bottom-line, excuse any odd timing references.) “So, when did you get toContinue reading “About a Weak Back”

Quick Update with Forever Implications

Hi! Sorry about the recent radio silence but a lot going on aboard Hazel James and coordinating internet connectivity with my availability to write has been a bit of a challenge. From a sailing perspective, we are on the move again! After 11 nights in the Oeiras Marina on the River Tagus (between Lisbon andContinue reading “Quick Update with Forever Implications”

Rewind to Sao Miguel

“Editor’s” Note: I started this post last night (Sunday, July 10). However, I’ve found that the most consistent thing about marina internet (regardless of the marina) is its inconsistency. Midway through drafting the post, the internet went dark and I went to bed. Therefore, I’m finishing the post on Monday morning and a careful readerContinue reading “Rewind to Sao Miguel”

Puck Drop! / Making Our Mark

Any sailor whose been to Horta or anyone who has researched sailing there has seen or heard of the tradition of painting a mural on the seawall in Horta Harbor celebrating the accomplishment. Frankly, being a singlehander with lots going on, I wasn’t motivated to do it. It seemed like one more thing that someoneContinue reading “Puck Drop! / Making Our Mark”