Quick Reminder of Daily Micro-Posts

Kaliméra! (Good Morning!) Happy Labor Day to all our friends back in the US. A good reminder that even in a highly digitized world, concrete, steel, rubber, petrochemicals are still the foundation of our human world and thanks to all who labor to make that possible. Just a quick reminder that we’ve been pretty goodContinue reading “Quick Reminder of Daily Micro-Posts”

Ionian Odysseys and Destinations

Odyssey1 : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune2 : an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest Last winter, as Rhett and I were poring over Grecian charts and pilot books planning our cruising for the summer, we thought of the Ionian Islands (those west of the Greek mainland andContinue reading “Ionian Odysseys and Destinations”

Quick Update—On the Move!

Καλημέρα! (Good morning! Transliterated from Greek to English as “Kaliméra.” Pronounced just as it looks with the emphasis on the accented syllable.) All is well with Sunny, Hazel, and me; Rhett is making progress on the home front back in Florida. I’m currently anchored in the harbor of Agia Effimia (“Agia” translates to Saint) onContinue reading “Quick Update—On the Move!”

My Worst Self Living My Best Life

Divining between correlation and causation is always a challenge, and sometimes a fool’s errand. Two variables seem to consistently change in a pattern but is it “α” that causes “β”, or β that causes α? Or is there no causality between the two and they are merely correlated? (Perhaps some other, as yet unknown, variableContinue reading “My Worst Self Living My Best Life”

Video Problem Fixed

Καλημέρα! (Pronunciation: Kaliméra! Translation: Good Morning!) Thanks to those of you who gently pointed out that the videos in yesterday’s post could not be viewed. You’d think that someone who grew up professionally doing software testing and frequently and self-righteously foments about app and website developers not testing their products would, himself, be better atContinue reading “Video Problem Fixed”

A Passage of Time

Given all that’s happened aboard Hazel James recently, I think it best to organize and annotate, illustrate, and “video-ate” our recent 543 nautical mile (625 land-based mile) passage from Gaeta, Italy to the harbor and town of Benitses on the island of Corfu, Greece. While the overall distance we “sailed” (i.e., sailed, motored, and—yes—floated) wasContinue reading “A Passage of Time”


Ahoy! After several hectic days in Gaeta, Italy starting to recommission Hazel James, we treated ourselves to a nine-day “Amalfimoon” (belated honeymoon in the Amalfi Coast). We then returned to Gaeta, and spent another week finishing HJ’s recommission, trying to figure out all the formalities required to enter Greek waters at least somewhat legally andContinue reading “Arrivederci!”

British Isles Part III: Titanic Hubris

Titanicadjective : having great magnitude, force, or poweradjective : of or containing the element titaniumnoun : a family of giants in Greek mythology who were believed to have once ruled the earth, they were subsequently overpowered and replaced by the younger Olympian gods under the leadership of Zeusnoun : a luxury British cruise-liner that struckContinue reading “British Isles Part III: Titanic Hubris”