Ahoy! After several hectic days in Gaeta, Italy starting to recommission Hazel James, we treated ourselves to a nine-day “Amalfimoon” (belated honeymoon in the Amalfi Coast). We then returned to Gaeta, and spent another week finishing HJ’s recommission, trying to figure out all the formalities required to enter Greek waters at least somewhat legally andContinue reading “Arrivederci!”

British Isles Part III: Titanic Hubris

Titanicadjective : having great magnitude, force, or poweradjective : of or containing the element titaniumnoun : a family of giants in Greek mythology who were believed to have once ruled the earth, they were subsequently overpowered and replaced by the younger Olympian gods under the leadership of Zeusnoun : a luxury British cruise-liner that struckContinue reading “British Isles Part III: Titanic Hubris”

A Best Day Ever, in 43,500 Words

Quick navigational note: This post makes extensive use of “galleries” (groups of pictures). These galleries seem to display differently depending on the viewing device and browser. If you see one large picture, there’s actually a group of pictures with it (a gallery). Midway down the picture look to the left and right for clickable arrowsContinue reading “A Best Day Ever, in 43,500 Words”

Now THAT’s Interesting,
British Isles Part I: Republic of Ireland

Our previous travelogue—Now THAT’s Interesting (mainland Europe edition)—spanned Northern Italy and Paris. Here, we pick up from where that post left off. I stand at a crossroads. Down one path a cacophonous scrum of blogosphere professionals, wrestle for likes, followers, and retweets. Down the other, a slight solitary silhouette is bathed in a heavenly glow.Continue reading “Now THAT’s Interesting,
British Isles Part I: Republic of Ireland”

Now THAT’s Interesting (mainland Europe edition)

So just what can a person learn from sailing across an ocean solo, reuniting with a soulmate, spending a summer cruising the Mediterranean, wintering his boat in Italy, and then traveling across Europe for three months? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Rhett, Sunny and I got back to the US on New Year’s Eve and sinceContinue reading “Now THAT’s Interesting (mainland Europe edition)”

Save the Date

Imagine an elaborate black and white movie transition sequence. From a time before computer enhancement, when high-end special effects were multiple films manually superimposed in a cutting room, ankle-deep with scraps of cellulose film. The Paris scene ends with the couple walking hand in hand out of their favorite little cafe on the Seine, aContinue reading “Save the Date”