Anegada and the Beach Walk

While I’m still deep in the midst of Hazel’s summer re-fit and also dealing with a potential Coronavirus exposure, I thought you’d enjoy this blast from the past…

I spent March 18-24, 2020 anchored off the British Virgin Islands (BVI) island of Anegada. The map below shows just how far Anegada is separated from the other Virgin Islands (note how St. Croix, USVI is even further though). It’s interesting also that while the other Virgin Islands, both BVI and USVI are quite mountainous, Anegada is relatively flat and low-lying. The island gets it’s name from the Spanish term for flooded land, “tierra anegada”.

Map of the entire Virgin Islands with Anegada in the upper-right
Here’s a view off Hazel’s stern on my sail from Virgin Gorda to Anegada, the island of Virgin Gorda is in the background

If you’re contemplating a crewed or bareboat cruise of the islands, you’ll find Anegada is a popular spot, and is often one of the last overnight stays on a circuit of the BVI. It’s famous for spiny lobster cooked on the grill and served on the beach.

When I arrived on March 18th, I was anticipating staying for a few nights but the combination of rapidly-unfolding pandemic and some unsettled weather kept me anchored there for a week. As I write-up this post from my desk at home in Pompano Beach, Florida and look out my window, I think wistfully to that week exploring the island.

Given it’s low-lying topography, it has wonderful, sparsely-inhabited beaches. I took the better part of a day to do a seven-mile beach hike documented below.

These next two photos are interesting because, if you look carefully, you’ll see the effect of the pandemic on the island’s economy. Both photos are of the primary anchorage at Anegada. I took the first soon after I arrived and there were 50-60 yachts in the anchorage. I took the next photo several days later after all the charter boats had cleared out with the advancing pandemic and weren’t replaced by other charter yachts coming in.

Anegada’s primary anchorage with 50-60 yachts, mainly charters
…several days later with three yachts lying to anchor, all private boats (one of whom is Hazel)
Yumm!…my lobster dinner on Anegada at “Neptune’s Treasure” restaurant

Note that these are spiny lobsters which differ from the classic Maine lobster (with the big claws)

The view of the anchorage from my lobster dinner
Neptune’s Treasure from the water, in the foreground is the longline swordfishing boat Argus III
Here’s the start of my beach walk (so nice to walk for miles without seeing anyone else)
More uninhabited beach
What a bunch of asses (with Hurricane Maria damage in the background)
Lobster trap washed up on the beach
Close-up of the lobster trap (I loved the tiny plants growing on the mesh of the trap)
A tumbleweed…of the sea
Sea glass in the early stages of having its edges rounded and surface made translucent (it got me thinking of my memories of Colleen)
The north end of the island is protected by a barrier reef several hundred yards off the beach
Washed-up sea fan
Where Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree spends its winters
Boys preparing for a conch fishing trip (unfortunately they were skunked on the trip as I was hoping to buy some conch from them)
A picturesque fishing boat on the town’s pier

8 thoughts on “Anegada and the Beach Walk

  1. Damn you, Dan! Now I want to go out for a lobster dinner but covid prevents me.

    Seriously, though, those are some lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pics Dan…looks like a lovely relaxing place to visit, although I imagine it could get a wee bit hectic once the pandemic is behind us. Cheers….Donna

  3. Beautiful pictures dan!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Would love to go there sometime.

    What was the possible exposure to corona virus?

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  4. Hi Dan!  🙏❤️⛵️😎

    Living the dream in Little Harbor seems like light years ago! Such good memories & a chance to meet you, Go & Lan! 

    I love seeing your name pop up in my email! I savor your blog posts about being in the islands. 

    Although our basic necessities are met here on the panhandle, it’s not the most optimal situation. We are both safe & healthy, but still have no idea what the future will bring. Inclinations have us heading back up to NH for friends, family, community (as much as can happen with that considering the appropriate social distancing). Even though I thrive in tropical climes, a winter might be a good reset for the constitution. 

    Ben flys to St Thomas tomorrow & is helping William & Kim bring A3 back up to the states. They aim to depart on Monday 13-July & are headed up to Annapolis where they are scheduled to haul on 3-Aug. A3 was sold to green charter boat owners & Will & Kim will no longer be crew. 

    The next couple weeks will give Bosun & I a good chance to bond. He’s still a very cool puppy! 8 months at the end of July & he’s just under 50 lbs. 

    I haven’t read your refit post yet, but am looking forward to it. 

    However, I wanted to reply to your Anegada post by saying…….A magical place! Our favorite island! With each day away from the BVI, I appreciate every second of the 7 years we worked there, even making beds, not cleaning heads though!  Neptune’s Treasure is For Sale! Pre-pandemic price was $2.5M! We thought about it……

    How are you? How are things in Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano? Exposed to Corona? How are your son/gf living at your place & your daughter in CA? Are you still planning on sailing? 

    We found a little secluded beach in Panacea & there’s a road named Pompano along the way…..I always think of you when passing it. 

    I’m currently enrolled in an online therapeutic yoga training, which has kept me grounded. The best news is that this training has allowed me to finally figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Yoga Therapy! When & How are still questions, but now I have a focus & it’s still possible during this pandemic. 

    I think about you often & would love to hear from you.  Please be safe.  Sending loving kindness & hugs!  ☯️❤️🙏☮️☀️😎⛵️🏝🐶🌊🦎 Rachel 

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    Thursday, June 18, 2020, 3:07 PM -0400 from : >PompanoDan posted: ” >While I’m still deep in the midst of Hazel’s summer re-fit and also dealing with a potential Coronavirus exposure, I thought you’d enjoy this blast from the past… > > > >I spent March 18-24, 2020 anchored off the British Virgin Islands (BVI) island of Aneg” >

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