2021 Blog Entry Test

Hi! Thanks for sticking with me during my book writing and Hazel James refit hiatus. We’re soon departing on our next voyage and, in our preparations, it’s occurred to me that the traditional sailor’s blessing should be modified to better suit the modern sailor. Specifically, from…

Fair winds and following seas.


Fair winds, following seas and clean COVID tests.

More to follow soon, I’m just doing some website maintenance work and having this post live will help me make sure it’s all working correctly.

The picture above is of me doing some masthead work. Lots of changes coming! If you look carefully at the bottom of the page, you’ll see the For Sale sign in the backyard.

12 thoughts on “2021 Blog Entry Test

  1. My first thought on seeing that picture is “Hey, you kids get down from there!”

    Sounds great Dan. I’m sure you’re anxious to set sail with Hazel and all her new fittings. We’ll look forward to the book release and the blogging.

    Fair winds, following seas and vaccinations,

  2. So good to read this update from you. You’ve been on my mind. Love the picture! Stay safe – talk soon.

  3. Hope those updates come schooner than later (see what I did there…). Looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. Good luck sailor Dan. Doesn’t appear that you’ll have snow soon as we do in PA. Tomorrow I’ll be X-C skiing near your old haunts of Titusville (PA, not FL!).

  5. Hi guys! It Jill from “As You Wish”
    We are back in Florida!!!
    Leg update!!!
    It’s Broken in multiple places or fractured from top to bottom in a spiral!!! She couldn’t tell cause it is healing well!!
    Thanks fir worrying about me!

    1. Jill & Joe, So good to hear from you! We are back in Florida as well and looking forward to sailing up the U.S. East Coast this summer. Good to hear your leg is healing well–yikes! Hope to see you in The Bahamas or Caribbean next season.

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