Venturing into Casco Bay

Good morning! Quick post to let all know that in the next hour we’ll be “dropping our mooring ball” in South Portland and departing Portland Harbor to explore Casco Bay for a week or so. Technically, we’re already in Casco Bay but, while we’ve loved our time in Portland and are planning a return visit on our way south, we’re excited to get away from the city and poke around the more remote islands.

I’m not sure what our cellular service will be like so I’ll try to do frequent mini-posts to our satellite tracker.

In the mean time, here are some scenes from Portland.

Square rigged ship passing under the Fore River bridge.
Lots of freighters in the port.
Osprey on its nest.

Yes, goat yoga is “a thing” (thanks to our friends Amy, Sal and Ethan for introducing us to it).

Sunrise just a few minutes ago in South Portland.

And in closing…

4 thoughts on “Venturing into Casco Bay

  1. I agree what a picture!!!!
    The goats were cute too, you can feel the human interaction.

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