OK, so I’m promising myself upfront that I will make this a simple post with just a couple reminders—and not some sappy spill-my-guts soliloquy. Here goes…

Rhett and I are lining up for the final approach to our wedding (5 Days 17 Hrs 50 Mins. But hey, whose counting?). Here is the link to the livestream When you click on it, you should see something like this…

…where in the world Rhett found those good-looking professional models to dress up like us and pose in front of a backdrop of a romantic Roman street, I’ll never know.

Please note the “Notify Me” button on the livestream. I haven’t played with it but seems handy. I’m pretty sure the event will be recorded as well if you have other commitments at that time.

The stream should be live ~4:15 p.m. US EST with the ceremony starting at 4:30. The ceremony will last about 30 minutes and then we’ll cut the stream for the reception. While Rhett is a great dancer, trust me, you don’t want to see Dan doing his best to the Chicken Dance or Macarena—and definitely not to the Electric Slide (these being the undisputed holy trinity of reception songs for those of us who came of age in the late-80s and early-90s).

If you’re obsessed with our wedding and can’t get enough (kind of like J-Lo and Ben’s—but I think ours will last), feel free to check out our wedding website here. The funny story about the leading picture on the website (the one with me looking at Rhett’s left hand in front of the Roman triumphal arch) is that there’s no ring on her finger…yet. That’s a long story that I’ll tell on a future blog post.

On the site you can disregard the “RSVP” button, that’s just for in-person guests. Also, this site has been a bit flukey as of late. If it seems to be acting up when you visit it, or part of the site seems to be missing, “don’t do what Danny don’t does” and get upset—just come back to it later and with any luck it will be working. If you are asked for a password (unlikely but it’s happened), use “c3wxpg” and you should be fine.

I’ll close with a nice gallery of photos from our Rome-antic photo shoot in the eponymous city…

How did I do? Short? Simple? No soul wrenching?

Fair winds, following seas, and seashells, eggshells and wedding bells! Hazel James standing by on 16.

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