Quick Reminder of Daily Micro-Posts

Kaliméra! (Good Morning!) Happy Labor Day to all our friends back in the US. A good reminder that even in a highly digitized world, concrete, steel, rubber, petrochemicals are still the foundation of our human world and thanks to all who labor to make that possible.

Just a quick reminder that we’ve been pretty good about keeping up daily micro-posts of life aboard Hazel. You won’t get email notifications of the posts (probably better as who needs one more email per day). However, whenever you’re in the mood for a diversion flip over to the HJ Sailing home page and scroll down to the map of our location. By scrolling to the right on the ribbon at the bottom of the map (to the right of the Hazel James box), you can see our daily posts. The most recent post is first with older posts further to the right. Tap the post for full text and pictures.

This winter when I’m “land locked” back in Florida, I’ll write some more traditional long format posts with the deeper stories of the voyage.

Enjoy, and fair winds and following seas!

Phone view of HJ Sailing home page with most recent micro-post circled.

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