The Voyage: What I Learned, How I Grew

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”—Henry David Thoreau I discovered this quote when reading Diana Nyad’s inspiring autobiography Find a Way. She achieved her goal as the first person to swim the 111 miles between Havana, Cuba and Key West, Florida, andContinue reading “The Voyage: What I Learned, How I Grew”

May Your Boat Sink in Warm and Shallow Waters

Those were the parting words from my good friend William when I made my 6:30 AM departure from Little Harbour yesterday. He, Kim and Rachel paddleboarded over to wish me safe passage. Ben cast off my shore lines. I weighed anchor (pulled up the anchor) and was off! They all had their conch trumpets withContinue reading “May Your Boat Sink in Warm and Shallow Waters”

I’m Comin’ Home

I’m comin’ home,Made up my mind that’s what I’m gonna do.Can’t love nobody on the telephone,I’m comin’ home to you. —Robert Earl Keen (added to hjsailing playlist) Author’s Note: While I still have some hurdles to clear prior to my departure and our exact embarkation date is uncertain, once the curfew is lifted, things willContinue reading “I’m Comin’ Home”

Zeitgeist, Collective Grief and The First-Mile Problem

In reflection, that’s some ambitious title for this post—let’s hope the subsequent writing can deliver on the promise. I’m over 90 days straight of living on the boat and, given our lockdown, approaching 30 days at anchor in one place so I’ve certainly got the time to do it right. Here goes nothing… You’ve gotContinue reading “Zeitgeist, Collective Grief and The First-Mile Problem”

Mysteries, Sea Glass and Irrational Fears

One foot in and one foot back, It don’t pay to live like that.So I cut the ties and jump the tracks,For never to return…. Three words that became hard to say,I and love and you. —The Avett Brothers, I And Love And You I played bass in a rock and pop band for aContinue reading “Mysteries, Sea Glass and Irrational Fears”