hjsailing Playlist Now Available

When I started this blog I never thought that music would play such a big part of the story.

I should have known better.

In thinking about all the references, it hit me that a playlist would be a handy addition. I’m thrilled to say that a Spotify playlist is now available with all the songs that I’ve referenced during the journey:

Clicking here should get you to the playlist. Or, if you are already on Spotify, you can search for “hjsailing”.

I’ll keep it up to date with additional songs from future posts.

Happy listening and enjoy.

9 thoughts on “hjsailing Playlist Now Available

  1. Dan, As we worked in our house today, Melinda and I listened to — and loved– the playlist. Thank you so much for sharing it. I visited Cathy in Albuquerque and Skye in Alamosa this past week– and all of us are reading, enjoying, and reflecting on your blog. Love from all of us.

    1. Dan. That’s so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. While I’m technically by myself on this journey, it feels so good to know that others, especially family, are with me in spirit. Best to you.

  2. LOVE the HJ Sailing playlist! Thanks for sharing, Dan. Looking forward to listening to the songs you’ve been playing along to as well. The photos you’ve shared are just breathtaking! You are starting to look a little like Santa with that beard 🙂 xo

    1. Dawn. Thanks so much for the note. Glad you like the playlist. I think the corona virus needs to be under control before sitting on Santa’s lap is a thing again.

  3. Listening to it now. Kinda surprised there’s no Buffett but maybe he’s too obvious.

    1. Yes MPL, nail on head on that one. Actually, many in South Florida aren’t fans. He has a habit of buying sleepy little beach towns, razing them, and constructing yet another “Margaritaville” resort. Seems like he’s lost his way and the money is more important than the music.

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