Quick Update from Bermuda

An upper level TROF is favored to persist near the Azores with RIDGING along or offshore the E US through June 1. The TROF near the Azores supports a few low pressure systems which essentially act as a roadblock for Trades N of about 20N or 25N. The RIDGING off the E US prevents significant systems from exiting the E US and funneling trades across the Atlantic.

Chris Parker, Marine Weather Center, May 21, 2022

All is well in Bermuda but, per the above advice, we’re not going anywhere for the next couple days. The synoptic forecast paints the picture that we have a “roadblock” for the westerly trade winds that we need to blow us east to the Azores.

Most likely, Hazel and I will depart this Thursday, May 26, sail north for a day or so on an easterly breeze and then arc eastward as the wind veers from the east to south and southwest. We’ll hope to arrive in Horta, Azores around June 12th.

More to follow. I’ll plan to get some posts and Bermudian updates out in the next couple days and then switch over to satellite posts once sailing.

Fair winds!

Hazel James lying to anchor in St. George’s Harbour

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