Save the Date

Imagine an elaborate black and white movie transition sequence. From a time before computer enhancement, when high-end special effects were multiple films manually superimposed in a cutting room, ankle-deep with scraps of cellulose film. The Paris scene ends with the couple walking hand in hand out of their favorite little cafe on the Seine, aContinue reading “Save the Date”

Good-Bye, And Keep Cold

When I was a child, my family had a little cottage on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in Western New York—a three-hour drive from our home outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (It’s of course the same lake and cottage that figures so prominently in Heeling is Healing.) A polite person might have called the cottage “rustic.” (ItContinue reading “Good-Bye, And Keep Cold”


In 1698 and while employed by the Medici family in Florence Italy, musical instrument technician and builder Bartolomeo Cristofori created the precursor to today’s piano. What made the instrument revolutionary—compared to the other popular keyboard instruments of the time (the clavichord, harpsichord, and pipe organ)—is that the musician could control the volume of each noteContinue reading “Fortepiano”

If History is Written by the Winners?…

I have this sneaking suspicion that maybe…just maybe…I went too far with the “honesty thing” in my last blog post. “Why?” you ask, “Dan, what clue led to your ‘sneaking suspicion’?” It started yesterday afternoon Mediterranean time (US morning time). Rhett, Sunny, and I are hanging out on Hazel James and Rhett gets a videoContinue reading “If History is Written by the Winners?…”

Quick Post Birthday Update

Good morning! After a wonderful 58th birthday yesterday Celebrated in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, we’re off this morning on a 100 nautical mile sail (about 24 hours) bound for Pollensa, Majorca. Both our current port and port-of-call are in the Islas Baleares, a semi-autonomous Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean. I’m working on a comprehensive post toContinue reading “Quick Post Birthday Update”