Quick Post Birthday Update

Good morning! After a wonderful 58th birthday yesterday Celebrated in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, we’re off this morning on a 100 nautical mile sail (about 24 hours) bound for Pollensa, Majorca. Both our current port and port-of-call are in the Islas Baleares, a semi-autonomous Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean.

I’m working on a comprehensive post to tell the story of our recent adventures and quite a few misadventures. Until then, you can keep track of us via the satellite tracker on the hjsailing home page.

Fair winds and following seas.

5 thoughts on “Quick Post Birthday Update

  1. Happy birthday brother! Be safe and look forward to catching up with you in person in Florida this coming winter

  2. Hey brother. I heard Rhett setup a surprise Zoom for you. It sounded like a fun time to celebrate and catch-up with some of the old gang. Happy birthday and I hope you’re well

  3. Dan…saw the latest post and wanted to wish you a happy birthday my friend. Keep up your adventures and stay safe. Take care. Nate

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