Quick Update with Forever Implications

Hi! Sorry about the recent radio silence but a lot going on aboard Hazel James and coordinating internet connectivity with my availability to write has been a bit of a challenge.

From a sailing perspective, we are on the move again! After 11 nights in the Oeiras Marina on the River Tagus (between Lisbon and the Atlantic), we set sail on July 19 and sailed to the Portuguese coastal town of Sines (the birthplace of Vasco da Gama). We then sailed around Cabo de Sao Vicente (Cape St. Vincent), the “chin” of the “face” of Portugal and Spain’s Iberian Peninsula, and anchored off the town of Sagres. From there a short sail to the summer holiday town of Lagos on Portugal’s southern Algarve region. After several nights in Lagos we did a 30-hour sail across the Golfo de Cadiz to Barbate (bar BAT eh). We’ll be departing Barbate in a few minutes on a 35-mile sail to Gibraltar. I think there some contrary winds will pin us down long enough we can make some proper blog updates.

As always our track is visible on the HJ Sailing home page.

That’s almost all for now…

You may be asking yourself, So, just what are the “forever implications” of all this sailing? The answer to that is simple, while we were in Lisbon, I asked Rhett if she would marry me!

If you’re wondering what her answer was (or why it took her so long to decide), I’d be happy to tell you now, but I’ve got to go a ready Hazel for sailing. Besides, I just love ending a post on a cliffhanger 😉

27 thoughts on “Quick Update with Forever Implications

  1. Congratulations Dan and Rhett! Super happy for you both. Safe continued travels and thank you for celebrating the wonderful news.

  2. She’s clearly a bright and loving woman to choose to spend her time with you. I think the gods favor you my friend. I am eager to meet her to see if you are as fortunate as she is to have found a truly special human being. At the risk of a jinx… Congratulations to you both! Simply magical… K

  3. Congratulations either way! For either putting yourself out there or for your engagement. Can’t wait to meet her.

  4. Dan, what incredible news! I’m absolutely thrilled for you & Rhett and eagerly await the next chapter of your love story… 🙂

  5. I cried when I read this. Love you two. 🥰. Can’t wait to hear her reply! And just to let you know, we are coming to the wedding (assuming a positive response from Rhett 😀), no matter where it is! Cheers

  6. Congratulations Dan and Rhett!! Very happy for you both. A whole new set of adventures are ahead for you to share together. Looking forward to the details in your next post!

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