Going Outside

The day looks good so I’ll be checking-out of the marina shortly and anchoring up outside. I’ve heard there’s a cool plane wreck to check out via kayak and snorkling, as well as a blue hole nearby. I think this is the plane incident (posted for all my pilot friends, you know who you are!). I’ve never seen a blue hole but am looking forward to it.

Given the weather and my routing, I probably won’t have wi-fi access until later next week. If I make any big moves, I’ll try to have my son Jack make a post. My plan is to be able to post again in Spanish Wells (we’ll see how that plan develops).

In the meantime, I’m excited about living off the grid on solar power, food and water onboard, and hopefully some fresh fish or conch.

Hazel James out.

8 thoughts on “Going Outside

  1. Meanwhile in Chicago the skies are gray and snow is gently falling. I love living vicariously through your posts. Also greatly appreciate the trivia of running a boat. I’ve always wondered about the display of flags on a vessel. Keep it up!

  2. It is pretty exciting that you are anchoring and going out to see some places. Enjoy it. Best – Raj

  3. So wonderful to read of your adventures! Wishing you good weather and peaceful seas. Enjoy it, Dan! 🙂 Lisa

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