Brown’s Garden

Wonderful dinner a couple nights ago at Brown’s Garden in the Berry Islands. Ronnie Brown is the rightfully proud proprietor. Featured dishes are conch and spiny lobster. I had the conch and it was out of this world.

Street view
View from front porch
Tenderizing a conch
Tenderized conch

When I had this dinner, I was in the marina so cycled to Ronnie’s on a marina bike (pictured in first photo).

Tonight I’m anchored up I the bay in front of Ronnie’s so I kayaked in for tonight’s dinner. I’m trying the lobster tonight.

7 thoughts on “Brown’s Garden

  1. Sounds like you are becoming engrossed in the island culture!!! So glad you’re having this experience

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  2. Love it and love the Bahamas! We used to go as teenagers on my dad’s boat for snorkeling and fishing and roughing it a little bit. Never stayed at a marina just slept on the boat. Enjoy every minute it!!!

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